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  • Open challenge is open to any individual aged 18 years and above to participate in their individual capacity and not as a representative of any organisation
  • NGO/Social Enterprise challenge is for individuals registering as participants representing their organisations
  • To represent an organization participants have to be a registered employee and/or bona fide member of the organisation
  • All participants must be legal citizens of India
  • All NGOs and Social Enterprises represented in the challenge must be registered legal entities in India
  • Only registered NGOs/Social Enterprises (Public Charitable Trusts & Societies, Section 8 companies and Pvt. Ltd. companies) with social projects/products/services shortlisted from the YIAC film entries will be eligible to win grants.


  • Film entries may include moving images (clips) static pictures (images) dialogue and voiceover, music, text, titles and graphics
  • An existing film cannot be submitted as an entry
  • However, pre-existing/shot earlier footages can be used with proper acknowledgement as reference components in the films
  • In case of usage of still photographs from NGOs/organisations necessary approvals must be secured by the participants
  • Animation/special effects are allowed only if they have been created during the allotted film project duration
  • Do not use any copy righted intellectual property (audio, music, video, still images etc.) that infringes the rights of the owner or breaches permissible limits

Film format must have

  • Start plate and End plate provided by YES FOUNDATION at the beginning and end of the film
  • 5 seconds of black before title
  • Title of the film
  • Name of the NGO/Social Enterprise/Everyday Hero/Subject the film is based on
  • Name of city
  • Final film
  • Credits for any additional images, graphics or material you might want to add to enhance your film, kindly use royalty free content
  • The video can include moving images (clips) static pictures (images) dialogue and voiceover, music, text, titles and graphics

Non-Eligible Film Formats

  • Powerpoint presentations – comprising only of images and text
  • Films comprising entirely of a single-person’s testimonial (selfie/portrait video)
  • Films that do not cover the theme or topic
  • Films submitted in any form in earlier editions
  • Films completed prior to the launch of YIAC

Language / Subtitles

  • Participants are free to make the film in any language of their choice provided the film has English subtitles. Subtitles are compulsory for the uploaded version of the films.


  • Participants are requested to use only royalty free music for the film to avoid any copyright issues. Usage of copyrighted material would restrict us from showcasing the film at various platforms. For royalty free music links, please visit the resources section of the website.

Film Duration

  • Each finished film should be no more than 3 minutes in total duration, including titles and credits


  • Each film must include titles and credits. Credits are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. Participants using royalty free music are requested to give credit to the respective artists for the same.


  • Rights to the films made as part of the project belong to the organizers of YES! i am the CHANGE. Organisers will share worldwide rights to the finished films, along with NGOs; the films will not be used for any commercial purposes. Filmmakers will have complete rights to show and exhibit their films. All films made in this project would be available freely to NGOs or individuals who may wish to use them for not-for-profit purposes

Film Uploading

  • All films should be uploaded on the participant’s YouTube channel and the corresponding link needs to be filled in the given space on the submission form


All registered participants agree to receive communication about YES! i am the CHANGE and/or YES FOUNDATION through their registered email id and contact number.

In case you have any queries, or need any help email