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Changemaker Program

Nurturing leaders of change.



YES FOUNDATION’s strategic media for social change initiatives and mindset-transformation programs have impacted thousands of youth to work actively toward nation-building and contribute to an empowered and equitable country. Beyond filmmaking, youth have been volunteering with NGOs, celebrating special occasions such as birthdays with the underprivileged, raised funds for Everyday Heroes and raised awareness on social causes through media.

YES FOUNDATION Changemaker Program was instituted to support the efforts of passionate and dedicated participants and encourage social entrepreneurship through dedicated capacity-building and grant support. The program seeks to deepen engagement of participants with social causes and is a launch pad for fresh and existing projects to become long lasting and sustainable social interventions.

YES! i am the CHANGE Participants from 2013-’16 are eligible to apply with details of the social project that clearly define the problem statement, elucidate a solution and explain the intended impact of the activities. The proposed project may be in collaboration with a Non-Profits.


  • Read FAQs and apply here
  • Last date for applications is December 15, 2017
  • All YIAC participants from 2013-‘16